To position Environmental Health Practice as the Fulcrum of public health in Nigeria.


To improve standards in training and practice, adding value to Environmental Health Services.

Our Mandate

EHCON’s mandates are quite diverse and vast, focusing on the responsibilities of the Agency on regulating the Environmental Health Practice and Profession in Nigeria. In ensuring that the Environmental Health practice is standardized by providing the necessary training and guidelines for training the Environmental Health Professional, EHCON discharge these duties under the supervision of the Federal Ministry of Environment.

The following are EHCON’s Mandates:

(a)determining the standards of knowledge and skill to be attained by persons seeking to become members of the profession of Environmental Health and improving those standards as circumstances may permit;

(b) securing, in accordance with the provisions of this Act, the establishment and maintenance of register of persons entitled to practice as members of the profession and the publication of the list of those persons;

(c) establishing and reviewing a code of conduct as the Council considers desirable for the effective practice of Environmental Health profession;

(d) charging practising fees as may be determined by the Council;

(e) registering and licensing individual and corporate Environmental Health practitioners in all aspects and ramifications of Environmental Health practice;

(f) conducting examinations in the profession and awarding certificates or diploma to successful candidates as appropriate and for such purpose, the Council shall prescribe fees to be paid in that respect;

(g) setting professional Environmental Heath practice standards and working with stakeholders to ensure compliance;

(h) initiating and approving training programmes desirable for the improvement of the profession; and

(i) performing other functions conferred on the Council by this Act.