Indexing and Evaluation

The Council gives credence to its regulatory mandate in knowledge and skill acquisition through indexing and evaluation of persons to be trained as Environmental Health Professionals in the various training institutions, having been charged with the responsibilities as enshrined in the enabling Act:

  1. Indexing students from various Environmental Health Training Institutions in Nigeria to ensure that candidates presented by the institutions are eligible to run Environmental Health Programmes. The institutions include:
  • Universities accredited by the Council to run Environmental Health program,
  • Colleges and Schools of Health Technology in Nigeria.
  • Accredited learning centers across the country.
  1. Registration and conduct of Council Certification Examination for graduate students from Universities, Colleges/ Schools of Health Technology and Accredited Learning centers Nationwide.
  1. Conduct of School-Based Council Certification Examination for accredited institutions by National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) and National University Commission (NUC) Running Environmental Health Program in Nigeria.

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